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 Here is some information that I thought you might need. There are two local airlines that fly to Quepos.  SANSA leaves from the international airport (although through a different entrance about 300 feet west). Their tel. # is (506) 221-9414 and their fax is (506) 255-2176.  Nature Air www.natureair.com  departs from the Pavas Airport which is just outside of San Jose.  Nature air uses smaller planes and generally doesn’t allow much baggage.  They both have frequent flights daily but you should check with them for times, as they usually add extra flights during the tourist season.  I’m not sure of the cost these days, but it used to be about $50 one way.  Both of these flights land at a small runway about 5 miles outside of Quepos.  There is always taxi service available and SANSA has it’s own little bus which does transport. If you decide to drive to Manuel Antonio you should leave about 4 hours for a leisurely drive because the route is very beautiful but curvy.  Elegante Rent-a-Car is the rental agency that is located both in San Jose, the Airport and Quepos.  They have a toll free number 1-800-582-7432.    The drive is through the mountains for the first couple of hours and then levels out along the coast going south.   There is very good bus service but if you have luggage with you, which of course you would, you would need to watch it like a hawk.  The bus station in San Jose seems to be a focal point for petty theft.  The bus leaves from the Coca Cola Bus Station in San Jose at 6 A.M, 12 noon and 6 P.M. To drive from San Jose or the airport you take the highway north and turn off on the road to Jaco or Quepos.  After Orotina there is a cloverleaf where you will get onto the coast road which passes through Jaco, and Parrita and finally reaching Quepos.  Once you get to Quepos, you should take the road to Manuel Antonio to get to our rental houses.  You will climb first one hill then another steeper hill,  which the locals call Cardiac Hill.  At the top of Cardiac Hill is the local elementary school.  About ½ mile past the school (or top of the hill) you will see a restaurant called El Barba Roja on the right.  Just past the restaurant is a paved road that goes to La Mariposa Hotel and continues until the Hotel Parador.  Casa Buena Vista B & B is down that road about 400 yards on the left hand side. There is a 3 car garage with a view and the entryway is a wrought iron gate which goes to both the main house and the smaller houses.  There is a housekeeper in the daytime and almost always someone on the premises.     You should give us a call (777-1002 before 6 p.m.)   (777-0292 after 6 p.m.)  when you get to Costa Rica and let her know what time you will be arriving There are many excellent restaurants in the area with a variety of food.  Bambu Jam has live music on Tuesdays and Fridays and the food is great.   Right down the street from our houses is Hotel Makanda which has a elegant little restaurant by their pool.  We always saved it for special occasions.  It is a very magical place.  There also are a large variety of restaurants in Quepos, along the road to Manuel Antonio and down at the beach.  Restaurant Marlin is a beachfront place that you can languish all day snacking and drinking cold drinks. Quepos also has just about everything you need for cooking yourselves.  In the Central Market you will find fish, chicken, meat, vegetable stands.  In front of the market is our local “supermarket”, Super Mas.  It is not nearly as large as a supermarket in the U.S. but you will find just about everything you need one place or another in Quepos. About 1 mile from Casa Buena Vista is Super Joseth which has a great selection of just about everything without even having to go into Quepos.   We have a notebook with all the local tours and she can arrange anything that you want to do.  A couple of my favorites are the horse back tour into the mountains   to a waterfall, white water rafting, the Damas Estuary trip, and of course the National Park.    

If you would like information about Costa Rica in general, I would recommend the US Department of State website which is very complete and accurate. http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2019.htm

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